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Testimonials from Links2Success Clients

At Links2Success, we’re always thrilled to hear from the dentists and team members who have attended Christine Taxin’s sessions and presentations over the years. Knowing that you’ve used our teachings and tips to great success makes this work worthwhile! Below, you’ll find plenty of insight from attendees and clients regarding their experiences. If you’ve recently taken advantage of our offered services, don’t hesitate to contact us and share feedback – it’s always welcomed!

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"Christine, Good Evening! I wanted to reach out to you to express how much I truly enjoyed your course. It was a breath of fresh air to hear what I have expressed profusely while being in dentistry now for 14yrs, it is our responsibility to educate our patients. I've witnessed in several practices that I've come in contact with, where they allow their patients to dictate the treatment they want due to insurance restrictions and some that just view them as dollar signs, it's disheartening. I believe it in my bones that we have to do our part to help guide the public in understanding their health/dental needs are important. I had a great mentor who guided me on the right path in understanding this and was saddened that I had to relocate and had to leave that practice.
Your story truly resonated with me, the part where you had to leave a practice due to certain circumstances. I resigned from a practice where the doctor instructed me to code out Crowns and Build-Ups as Veneers, when I pulled him aside to have a private discussion to express my disagreement with this, he nonchalantly stated he could do as he pleased. I felt defeated because I had dedicated my dentistry career helping serve others. I view every possible webinar, attend as many courses to elevate my education and everything I was taught was questioned. My core beliefs on being truthful, having compassion for people, genuine human connection, and ethics were thrown out the window and I lost my faith in dentistry. After this and a few more encounters like this, I took a little hiatus from dentistry. I decided to come back and sitting in that course listening to you made me believe again that this is why I chose dentistry, to help change and save lives. Thank you again for providing your expertise!!
I was hoping that you would be able to provide me the updated handouts for the course that I attended on Friday. I would also love to receive a copy of the book that you were going to sign on Saturday but did not have available copies at that current time.
Hope to meet again in the future!


I'm a former student and I took an advanced dental management course back in 2011...I was very impressed with not only what I had learned but the impact the course and meeting you had on my career as an office manager. I would love to speak with you and possibly take courses again. Thank you for believing in me!


Attending Christine Taxin’s presentation on MEDICAL CODING exceeded my expectations! I began using many of her tips in the practice already. The information she presented is most important now in our changing economic times. Highly recommended, especially if you work closely with a surgical team or have one in house.

Dr. James H Doundoulakis, DMD, MS - Cosmetic Dental Rehabilitation, PC

Christine, I wanted to say thank you, I don't know if you remember this but you had us write our goals for the next year in 2012. Well, I found that list on a piece of paper and it made me think of you and smile – all of my goals were reached. Miss working with you!

The course was filled with very valuable information. I can't wait to read the lecture and see the changes we can make to our practice. It was very informative. I really enjoyed it.

Dr. M.

Christine, Great course! Enjoyed it very much.

Ms. Taxin,
I attended your class on Advanced Dental Billing and Coding. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the class.

When Christine Taxin joined the Speaking Consulting Network in 2006, I was impressed with her vast knowledge of practice management, particularly in the insurance and cross coding arena. Having watched Christine’s rise to success as a speaker, consultant and author over the past 25 years, I am even more impressed with her role as a leader in the speaking and consulting profession, not to mention her leadership in each dental organization to which she belongs. It is my pleasure as her mentor, friend and colleague to recommend Christine as a speaker or consultant to your organization or practice. She is truly a “make things happen” person.

Linda Miles, Founder, The Speaking Consulting Network.

I had the pleasure of working very closely with Christine Taxin over the past 3 years, functioning as a consultant in our Pediatric Dental practice. Aside from her caring and friendly attitude, Christine is a take-charge person who brings to the table creative, productive ideas while communicating the benefits & long-term goals clearly. Our office has increased its productivity & we now function as a well-oiled machine. Christine is very organized, keeping track of all the fine details necessary for us to learn and run our office more efficiently. I highly recommend Christine Taxin for any practice management position and I am sure that any practice would prosper as ours has done.

Rhea Troy, Office Manager.

Working as an office manager and not having a dental background, you would think I would have a disadvantage. Christine Taxin has been my lifesaver. She taught me everything I know about dental and medical insurance. She not only gave me the tools that I need in order to run my office seamlessly, she was there with me hands on every step of the way. Christine is extremely knowledgeable on every aspect involved with a dental office. She has made me more efficient, organized and confident in doing my job. You can always count on Christine to be there for you when you need her, no matter what time of day it is, she is always a phone call away. Every office needs a Christine-Makeover!


I just wanted to thank you for a great two days. We really enjoyed your visit, and all the information you gave us. I am excited to share with everyone, and I know the info will be a great addition to our perio program and TMD. We are looking forward to start on things, doing a little at a time, and seeing the results. Hope your ride home was fine.

Bette Abington – Family Dental Care, Spring 2009.

Christine Taxin is a wonderful resource and practice management consultant. She understands how a dental practice should run and maximizes the various revenue streams accordingly. Christine is very knowledgeable about dental / medical claims and can help every practice she comes in contact with. I have several clients that have benefited from her excellent work.

Jack Abrams – Henry Schein Dental.

We wanted to take a moment and thank you for traveling so far to be a part of our small little study club in Reno. Everyone enjoyed your presentation very much. We just wish it could have been longer. We hope to bring you back again next year.

Cheryl, Chelsea & Gina – Reno Study Club, March 2010.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything while I was in Long Island. The Cross Coding class was amazing and so informative. I learned more than I thought I could. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself so I can be successful at my job. I am looking forward to working with you and all that we have to do together.

Michelle Bryant, Office Manager, 2010

We are charging higher fees for our same services thanks to you and billing more services. I feel once Spring gets here, we should do quite well.

I would highly recommend the services of Christine Taxin. We engaged her services in November of 2010 to help review our office procedures and staff personnel. She has been a great help in streamlining our dental office and making it more efficient. Through her administrative and management skills we have been able to develop each of our team member strengths and improve performance and effectiveness. With Christine’s guidance we have developed our social media and are looking forward to our future successes.

Nicole Padovan, D.M.D., P.A.

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