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Level 1: Advanced Dental Billing and Coding


SUGGESTED FORMATS : Full or Partial Day, Workshop, Keynote

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Have you updated your yearly codes? Do you know how to utilize them to increase collections? Is your team afraid to ask a patient for co-payment when they’ve never paid one before? Are you concerned your records may be audited?

Many practices find it a challenge to remain compliant with insurance rules and regulations. Diagnostic and procedure codes change annually, privacy issues continue to increase, and patient insurance coverage varies while practices try to determine how best to incorporate these influences and remain profitable. Join us in this interactive, informational course and be empowered to take charge of your office’s dental claim billing. Christine Taxin, licensed by the ADA to share ADA CDT Codes and a member of National Association of Dental Plans, shares the ins, outs, and secrets of dental insurance.

Course Objectives

Dental benefit claim forms

  • Establish knowledge of dental and wellness benefits and State/Federal government regulations
  • Learn tips for navigating dental benefits to maximize production, collection, and insurance benefits
  • Recognize and understand how to properly utilize this year’s updated and revised dental codes
  • Know the importance of utilizing diagnostic codes for accessing additional insurance benefits
  • Become familiar with and learn how to complete the new insurance form
  • Learn how to establish risk assessment as a baseline of health which translates into increased coverage.
  • Tips for updating the practice’s medical history form
  • Understand the S.O.A.P format, and the legalities of documentation and narrative writing
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