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Level 2: Medical/Dental Coding


SUGGESTED FORMATS: Full or Partial Day, Workshop, Keynote

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The benefits of medical/dental cross coding are numerous. Understanding medical insurance is the key to getting paid! However, there is a lot of confusion about medical billing too, and most teams don’t have the resources or time to figure it out.

Take charge of your practice’s billing through this informative, hands-on workshop! Learn a step-by step process for claim processing, from first patient contact through final payment. Gain a greater understanding of diagnostic, procedure, and DME codes, as well as the use of modifiers. Learn how to complete the CMS-1500 Form and necessary supporting documentation. Learn a system for follow-ups and appeals and how to avoid common “missteps” which can cause claim denials.

Why Bill Medical?

  • Billing medical generates greater case acceptance
  • Patients save money. benefitting their bottom line and health
  • Patients are helped in a way they didn’t realize was possible!

Course Objectives

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  • Become proficient in interpreting different types of insurance plans
  • Recognize the four categories of billable procedures
  • Understand the authorization process and the importance of S.O.A.P. in documentation
  • Receive tips for working with insurance companies to obtain patient benefit information
  • Utilize diagnostic tools, such as I-Cat, saliva tests, medical history intake and risk assessment forms, and clinical skills
  • Identify how to document and submit medical necessity information
  • Learn how to report biopsies and oral lesions
  • Know how to prioritize and report medical diagnostic and procedure codes
  • Learn about the history, structure, and format of the ICD-10 coding system
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