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Coding and fee positioning errors are common place and predictable in today's dental practice.

These errors cost the practice dearly in lost revenue and fines.

Learn the top coding errors - and how not to make them – with Christine Taxin’s presentations. Christine’s workshop and lecture attendees benefit from her expertise in advanced dental billing, dental to medical cross-coding, administrative and wellness systems.


Level 1 - Advanced Dental Billing and Coding

Cutting-Edge Dental Billing and Coding: Maximizing Patient Care and Profitability

Many practices find it a challenge to remain compliant with insurance rules and regulations. In this interactive, informational course Christine Taxin shares the ins, outs, and secrets of dental insurance.

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Level 2 - Medical/Dental Coding

Billing Medical in your Dental Practice: Maximize Practice Revenue with New Services and Procedures

Understanding of medical insurance is the key to getting paid! However, there is much confusion about medical billing and most teams don’t have the resources or time to figure it out. Take charge of your practice’s billing through this informative hands-on workshop!

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SPECIAL TOPICS - Take the learning deeper with an add-on:
Sleep Apnea | CT Scans | Oral Surgery | Temporomandibular Disorder | ICD-10: Not just the basics!


Evolve Your Dental Practice into a Wellness Center

Add the Health/Medical Dimension to Your Practice

Dental practices can add new diagnostic tools and treatments to support the general health of patients and increase profits. Learn recommended documentation techniques to support diagnostic and treatment decisions, as well as to prevent problems with medical and dental benefit plans.

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Maximize Practice Revenue with Accounts Receivable Tools and Tricks

In this course, gain knowledge of accounting practices, truth in lending rules and tracking systems.  Participants learn how to overcome misgivings about raising fees and how to determine where they should be set, as well as “secrets” of insurance and how to navigate dental benefits so that the practice produces and collects all it can.

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Introduction to Risk Management

Risk management is the identification, control and prevention of risks that can have an adverse effect on patient care. Any practice can be audited. Protect your office before it happens.

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SCN Speaker Showcase 2015

Informative, Motivational & Captivating Speaker

Speakers Consulting Network (SCN) – Spotlight on Speaking

Transforming each practice one team member at a time.

” When Christine Taxin joined the Speaking Consulting Network in 2006, I was impressed with her vast knowledge of practice management, particularly in the insurance and cross coding arena. Having watched Christine’s rise to success as a speaker, consultant and author over the past 25 years, I am even more impressed with her role as a leader in the speaking and consulting profession, not to mention her leadership in each dental organization to which she belongs. It is my pleasure as her mentor, friend and colleague to recommend Christine as a speaker or consultant to your organization or practice. She is truly a “make things happen” person.” Linda Miles, Founder, The Speaking Consulting Network