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Pediatric Sleep Apnea & TMD Billing


SUGGESTED FORMATS: Full or Partial Day, Workshop, Keynote

Working with a calculator and computer

One of the many ways dentists can begin treating systemic issues is to begin looking for early signs of sleep disorders and TMD in children. Dentists are on the front lines and are often the first medical professional that looks in the oral cavity before children turn one. Many dentists are still wary of billing medical insurance for medically necessary procedures children have different rules when billing medical for all treatments, so learning the correct way to provide a medical necessity is crucial in helping your patients receive treatments for Trauma, Pediatric Sleep, and TMD.

Treatment of OSA in children and adults is an important endeavor. The benefits of treatment include better sleep, better health and a better quality of life for patients. For the dental professional, the benefits are numerous. You can set your practice apart from the competition by offering sleep apnea services. By building a network of referring physicians you will see more patients that may come to you for all their dental needs. With medical coverage of Oral Appliance Therapy, you can add a valuable stream of income to your practice as well.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to identify pediatric sleep disorders
  • Learn the ins and outs of proper billing for pediatric sleep
  • Learn how to work with medical plans when children are the patients.
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