USA Practice Evaluation

Ask yourself the following questions. If you are concerned about your answers, and would like to improve your practice or seek advice,. If you are ready to move into the Wellness Model, we can help. If you can answer the following questions we can make your goals happen.?

Practice evaluations are offered at a special rate of $299.00 The evaluation includes analysis of practice information provided and a one hour call to 1 - discuss analysis results, 2 - identify areas of concern, and 3 - next steps to achieve practice goals. Once you submit your evaluation, you will be contacted to schedule a call. Have questions? Don't hesitate to call or email us. We love to talk dentistry!

  • Has your practice grown??
  • Does your team take ownership??
  • Does your hygiene department have a soft tissue program??
  • Are you meeting your practice goals??
  • Are you retaining patients??
  • How is your case acceptance??
  • Are you attracting new patients??
  • Are you confident in your systems??
  • Are you considering adding an associate or selling your practice??
  • Are you concerned about overhead??
  • Are you concerned about embezzlement??
  • How many times did you bill the following codes last year with the fee you charge. D0120,D0140,D0145,D0150,D0160,D0179,D0180, D0210,D0220,D0230,D0270,D0272, D0273,D0277,D0310,D0320 D0322 D0330
  • Any cone beam codes if you have machine D4341,D4342,D4355,D4381,D4910,D4921?
  • Any crown codes?
  • Do you provide Sleep Apnea??
  • Do you provide TMD??
  • Do you perform surgery??
  • If you have done any of the above have you billed medical for them? Have you been successful???

Please submit the completed form online. All fields are optional. If you do not have all of the information available to complete the form, please estimate or leave blank.